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Dr. Sabharwal’s Manufacturing Labs Ltd. established in 1984, became Public in 1986 and started manufacturing Adhesive Tape USP in 1985. Plaster of Paris Bandage B.P. in 1986 and hence forth one product is being added every year. The R & D of the Group is very strong. The P.U. Bandage (Light Weight P.U. Casting Tape) has been developed by the Group which is the most prestigious product. Even now it is being imported by all other Companies. We are the first to manufacture it in India. The Product is being accepted respectfully by all the users. Actually the Bandage has come up the best in the world. It is launched with latest innovative features.

The second R & D product of the company is Cohesive Bandage which sticks to itself only and not to skin or hair, there is no need for tying a Knot after applying it.

The main products of the Group are

Adhesive Tape U.S.P. 
Plaster of Paris Bandage
Cotton Crepe Bandage B.P. 
Cotton & Rubber Elastic Bandage
Elastic Adhesive Bandage B.P.
Bandage Skin Traction
Bandage Orthopaedic Cast Padding
Adhesive First Aid Dressing
Elasticated Tubular Bandages
Paraffin Gauze Dressing B.P.
Extension Plaster
Sterile Surgical Pad
Sterile Eye Pad
P.U. Bandage
Cohesive Bandage
First Aid Kits

We were the first group in India to have ISO : 9002 in 1997 and again we are the first to have ISO 9001 : 2000. We have GMP on WHO norms. Thrice we have been awarded by the Ministry of Commerce through Chemexcil for excellence in export.

The group is also contract manufacturer for so many multinationals the world over. The total turnover of the Group in the year ended 31st March 2002 was Rs. 15.00 Crores (U.S.D. 3 Million) out of which 40% is export.

We are exporting our products to more than 50 countries the world over, like England, Scotland, Belgium, Greece, Singapore, Mauritius, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Uganda, Muscat, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Australia, West-Indies, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Cambodia, Jamaica, Ethiopia, New-zeland, Ghana, Switzerland etc.

There are about 250 employees working in the company.